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REASON 1: Experience: On average, Endodontists perform nearly 25 root canal treatments a week, while general dentists perform less than two.


REASON 2: Efficiency: Because they limit their practice solely to Endodontic treatment, endodontists are efficient and precise. This equates to positive experiences and faster healing.


REASON 3: Availability: Most Endodontists offer tremendous flexibility in accommodating emergency cases, so delays in treatment are kept to a minimum and patients can be relieved of dental pain quickly.


REASON 4: Advanced Technology: Many Endodontists use state-of-the-art technology such as operating microscopes, digital imaging, ultrasonic instrumentation and fiber optics, to treat their patients quickly and comfortably.



5 Dental Symptoms Not to Ignore

1)Swelling of face especially down neck

2)Swelling of tongue

3)Hot-Cold Sensitivity

4)Waking with Mouth Pain

5)Fever or Vomiting with mouth pain